The Perfect Revenge in a McAuto Against an Impatient Customer

The perfect revenge in a McAuto against an impatient customer: A story posted on Facebook has gone viral. The reason? Which is the perfect revenge against an impatient customer at a McAuto, the MacDonald’s food collection service.

As the Mirror collects, the protagonist explained that while placing his order at the first window, the driver of the car behind him “continually whistled at me and drove me crazy because I was delaying too much.”

The Perfect Revenge in a McAuto Against an Impatient Customer

While driving to the second window to pay, the protagonist of the story made sure that the woman behind had enough time to place her order before telling the cashier that she wanted to pay for their meals, which at first seemed to be an act. of kindness and kindness.

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After paying for her food and that of the woman in the back, she moved on, watching as the woman in the back came to the cashier window and was told that her order had been paid for by the man she had harassed angrily minutes earlier.

“I continued to the next window and she leaned out of the window looking at me like crazy because the cashier had told her that I paid for her food. She felt very embarrassed and avoided my eye contact through the rearview mirror,” revealed the narrator.

“When I got to the last window to pick up my food, I showed the clerk the two tickets and also took her food. I paid for it, it’s mine! She had to turn around and wait even longer. She’s going to learn today! “, concludes the story.

Shared on Twitter, the story has more than 10,000 retweets, more than 35,000 likes and more than 600 comments. Stay in touch to for more updated news on Mcdonald’s.

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