Some ‘Tiktokers’ Get Caught in the Middle of a Shooting and React by Finishing Their Cookies

Some tiktokers get caught in the middle of a shooting and react by finishing their cookies: While they were having breakfast in a McDonald’s parking lot, an exchange of gunfire broke out between the police and a suspect.

In the face of a dangerous situation, each one reacts as best he can, perhaps, by finishing breakfast. This is what happened to Tyler Newell and his friend Zach when they were in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in the United States.

tiktokers get caught in the middle of a shooting

The two were going to play golf when they decided to stop for something to eat at the well-known hamburger joint. While they ate some cookies in the car, a confrontation between the police and a robber began.

Both opened fire and dozens of shots can be heard on the video. The friends’ reaction is to bite into their cookie before ducking into the vehicle.

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They can still be heard talking with their mouths full and uttering cursory expressions of surprise before getting up again when they hear a police officer yelling “put your gun down!”, So they crouch down again before another salvo of shots.

In the end, Tyler Newell decides to move his car and he remembered a scene from Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise moves his vehicle using the rear parking camera, so he tries to do just that.

“In case of shooting, finish your cookie,” it says in the text next to the video. Newell later took the event as a joke, assuring some US media that he had remained calm in the middle of the shooting thanks to his experience in the video game Call of Duty.

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