Login to McDonalds WiFi through wayPort_access

McDonalds WiFi: Well, you might have tried out connecting McDonald’s WiFi every time whenever you go visit the nearest outlet. You know this largest food chain company delivering WiFi free of cost. Previously, days ago, McDonald’s offered WiFi accessibility charging fewer costs.

But it has been changed in the year 2011. From there to then, you have a chance to access their WiFi without spending even a single penny. And the company is going to offer unlimited time to all the customers who are visiting their nearest outlet. Isn’t it surprising??? Even they have started an online Survey called McDVOICE Survey to collect all the customer’s feedback.

McDonalds WiFi

But many people probably don’t know how to connect or access McDonald’s WiFi through wayPort_access respectively. In that case, do not get panic at all!!! I am going to help and guide you in simple and easily understandable language.

Login to McDonalds WiFi through wayPort_access

Finally, we have come to the point. If you have observed today, people going crazy and accessing McDonalds WiFi in all the 11,500 restaurants. Again we can do this in two different ways.

  • Accessing McDonalds WiFi through the Sign-in page.
  • Accessing McDonalds WiFi through wayPort_access in your Smart device.

How to Login to McDonalds WiFi through wayPort_access

So, therefore, it is very simple and easy enough that makes you learn how exactly to learn McDonald’s WiFi by taking the help of wayPort_access in a very short period of time. Follow the below instructions and implement the same to obtain login successfully without undergoing any kind of technical or troubleshooting issue.

  • While after visiting your favorite Mcdonald’s corner, open your Smart device like for supposing we consider a laptop.
  • Turn your laptop ON. And go check the WiFi icon appearing in the taskbar right bottom of the screen. Hit on it.
  • Now you can locate McDonalds WiFi option on top of the lists.
  • Tickmark the box and do click the connect option.
  • Once the network is connected successfully, you can notice McDonalds internet terms page appearing on the screen.
  • Read the entire terms and conditions. Then you are requested to tap on the red button so-called connected.
  • Thereafter you can see the notification message saying that “You’re successfully connected to McDonald’s WiFi”!! Well, everything is done.

How to Access McDonalds WiFi through Sign-in page

This is another alternative method where you can get free McDonalds WiFi access 100% efficiently or effectively. And to obtain this successfully, follow the below simple steps provided one by one in bullet points.

McDonalds free WiFi

  • First, visit the official site McDonalds WiFi restaurant located page. Or just simply copy and paste the link https://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/restaurant-locator.html directly in your web browser’s search bar.
  • Heading to the option zip or city and state, you are requested to provide the details regarding the place you are leaving around and tap search.
  • Now you are requested to scroll down the page and view the details straightforwardly on the map.
  • If there any branch exists, automatically will provide the needful details mentioning on the screen.
  • Finally, you are done. The locations marked on the map have excellent 100% WiFi working strongly and free of cost. Visit over there and enjoy free Mcdonald’s WiFi all your free time.


As per my thoughts, the details provided here are very much understandable and interesting too. If you have any doubts, please post a comment. So that I will help you out irrespective of time. Also, if you like to learn more and details regarding these, mention them in the following comment box. We will update you at the right time. Thank you.

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