McDonald’s Employee Shows How They Clean the Plates and the Video Goes Viral

McDonald’s employee shows how they clean the plates and the video goes viral: A McDonald’s employee has gone viral after revealing the process for cleaning the chain’s hamburger grills. His revealing videos of the step-by-step process have racked up millions of views on TikTok.

As the Mirror reports, fans of the fast-food chain have been stunned, and many are shocked by the gruelling cleaning task that the staff performs each night. One user commented: “It’s strangely comforting to know they spent so much time cleaning it.”

McDonald's Employee Shows How They Clean the Plates

It’s an American TikTok user named Josiah Kim who has shared several videos about the process, in which staff scrape off all the fat after frying burgers.

See This:

First, an employee wearing gloves scrapes off the dark brown grime before pouring water onto the hot grill, helping to dislodge all of the greases.

The water turns yellow as it boils and an employee can be seen using a squeegee to remove leftover meat or fat. Although the grill is already much cleaner at this point, there are still some dark brown stains.

Then another worker adds a ‘sticky substance that cleans the grill’ which he then rubs in thoroughly. After this step, the iron looks quite clean, but more water is poured in and scrubbed again.

But after rinsing it again, the iron is completely clean, and users were impressed, judging by their feedback. The videos have been viewed more than 20 million times since they were shared. Stay tuned to for more updated news on Mcdonald’s.

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