McDonald’s and Burger King Establishments Denounced for Skipping the Curfew

McDonald’s and Burger King establishments denounced for skipping the curfew: The Association of Bars, Cafes and Restaurants of Mallorca has expressed this to the National Police.

The Association of bars, cafes and restaurants Mallorca, Restoration CAEB, has reported to the National Police to different establishments McDonald’s and Burger King located in Palma by “breaking the law and skip the curfew “.

McDonald's and Burger King Establishments Denounced for Skipping the Curfew

In a press release, the president of RestauraciĆ³n CAEB, Alfonso Robledo, explained this Friday that the establishments in question “did not close their doors at 10 pm”, as established by the curfew imposed by the Balearic Government and, in addition, they offered ‘delivery’ service beyond the established time limit “which is totally prohibited.”

Robledo has indicated that they began to receive “a barrage of calls from partners since the city was full of motorcycles for home delivery around midnight.” Given this, he has shown his “outrage” at this fact “that hurts us all.”

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“Not only is the effort that restoration workers and businessmen are making to lower contagions is being put at risk, but also those that are harming us are establishments in our sector,” stressed Robledo, who said that “we cannot allow ourselves to have the enemy at home and for that reason, we will be implacable. ”

It is true that he explained, “the sector is not being a source of contagion and although the regulations are tremendously harsh with us, if the law now does not allow us to open after ten o’clock, then we should not open, period”.

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