A Woman Raises $ 50,000 to Thank a Young Man Who Paid for Her McDonald’s Order

A woman raises $ 50,000 to thank a young man who paid for her McDonald’s order: The goal was to get $ 5,000, but people have turned in and they have already reached more than 48,000.

Good people are everywhere, although sometimes it is difficult to see them. In Ohio (United States), Brittany Reed was waiting to receive her order at McDonald’s McAuto when, when it was time to pay, she realized that she had forgotten her wallet.

McDonald's Order

Reed tried to cancel the order, but to the crying of the children who accompanied her, the employee Wyatt Jones decided to pay the woman’s account out of his own pocket.

The woman wanted to share what had happened on Facebook and promised that she would return the favour. Reed wrote that when she refused to let the 16-year-old pay for the order, Jones assured her that “it was my pleasure. ”

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“He sighed in such a way when I insisted that I realized at that moment that this is precisely what we as parents are trying to do, raise great human beings,” Brittany explained.

Later, the mother returned to the establishment with the intention of returning the money to the young employee, but he refused: “When you do something good in the world, it will be returned to you tenfold,” Jones told him.

And it seems that it is so, when Reed and her husband found out that the boy was working to buy a car, they decided to give him a hand. The couple created a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe in which they told the story and asked for donations to be able to reward Jones’ kindness.

The goal was $ 5,000 (approximately 4,300 euros) and, to date, they have reached $ 48,725 (41,620 euros), fulfilling Jones’ prophecy. Stay tuned to mcdvoice.win for more updated news on Mcdonald’s.

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