A Woman Proposes a McDonald’s Buffet, Pizza and Donuts as a Wedding Catering

A woman proposes a McDonald’s buffet, pizza and donuts as a wedding catering:¬†The unknown woman made a comment on the social network Reddit, opening a debate about traditional weddings or not.

A comment on the popular social network Reddit has become popular because of the occurrence it contains. An anonymous woman has written a message proposing to serve junk food at her wedding, instead of traditional menus.

Wedding Catering

In the Reddit publication, the woman asked a question and then gave her opinion about it. “What things are you planning for your wedding that you think do not follow the norm ?”, The message began.

“My fiance and I are very fun people and we want to have a wedding that is not traditional and does not bankrupt us. I wanted pizza at the wedding, but the catering for that was too expensive, so my photographer told me ‘Who says you can’t order pizza at your wedding?’ “Continues the text.

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That made the woman’s fianc√© think about making a buffet of Chick-Fil-A (an American food chain specializing in chicken), Big Macs, pizza and donuts. ” I agree with him, I think it sounds fun. All of us are going to have Big Macs and two-handed pizzas!” Added the author of the controversial comment.

The woman also acknowledged that the idea had been taken from a photo of Donald Trump in which he appears behind a table full of junk food, including many McDonald’s hamburgers.

Given the occurrence of the woman, Reddit users did not take long to join the debate. “It would be fun as a midnight snack (my fiance and I serve hot dogs and donuts) but not for the main meal ” or “I support people who think outside the box and have a non-traditional wedding. I went to a wedding at the That there was a BBQ buffet and it was just as fun as the ‘fancy’ weddings I’ve been to. ”

Another person said that his wedding celebration consisted of a meeting with 20 friends eating pizza, yes, it was justified because he got married in the middle of the pandemic and it was impossible for him to hold a traditional ceremony and party. Keep in touch with mcdvoice.win for more updated news on Mcdonald’s.

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