A Farm in Cospeito Supplies Milk for McDonalds Cheese

A farm in Cospeito supplies milk for McDonalds cheese: The fields managed by Granxa Grixeira, located in O Arneiro, in the Lugo municipality of Cospeito, are the place from which part of the cheese that McDonald’s uses in its kitchens come, and which in turn makes Queserías Entrepinares, also owned by the Vilalba municipality of Lugo.

For this reason, in O Arneiro, a parish of just over 70 inhabitants located 30 kilometres from the capital of Lugo, the restaurant chain has launched the temporary and symbolic installation of one of its distinctive totems to claim the origin of its supply chain, with the motto “Everything has an origin”.

The history of Granxa Grixeira is an example of generational change. In 2018, the young Zeltia Gonzalez and Pepe García decided to join forces to continue a family farm with more than half a century of history.

Its collaboration with Entrepinares started in January 2020. There are about 165,000 litres of milk that its cows produce every month, and which is used, in part, to make some of the varieties of cheese that McDonald’s uses in your product menu.

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Both Pepe Garcia and Zeltia Gonzalez proclaim that “if the field stops producing, the world stops.” “That is why it is so important to give visibility to the work of so many people, and to the effort and dedication we put into offering the best product, in a sustainable and lasting way over time,” they highlight.


McDonald’s has launched this project as a result of a study carried out, in collaboration with Sigma Dos, earlier this year, which reveals that the health crisis has led citizens to prioritize the product of local origin in their purchase intention.

In the specific case of Galicia, interest in the local origin of food exceeds the national average, since for 98% of Galicians it is important or very important to know the origin of the food they eat, either in shops or in restaurants.

46% prioritize the purchase of products of local origin, 56% do so to help national producers and 50% consider that products of local origin have higher quality than those that are not (exceeding the national average, located in 47% of Spaniards). Stay tuned to mcdvoice.win for more updated news on Mcdonald’s.

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