What is Mcdvoice? How it is related to McDonald’s? Mcdvoice is an official site where it takes feedback from customers regarding McDonald’s. “McDonald’s “there is no need for an explanation for this word because 80 percent of people love to taste the food at McDonald’s. World wide Mcdonald’s is one of the largest restaurants with lakhs of customers.

To keep up their standards and to know about customer satisfaction, McDonald’s is conducting a survey at Mcdvoice is giving an offer for food lovers to enjoy food and were suggested to give their valuable feedback. This is just to enhance better and tasty food in the future.

Mcdvoice Survey

For this simply you need to take a survey that was conducted by Mcdvoice. In this survey, there will simple questions for customers, like how often you will visit McDonald’s? How tasty is the food at McDonald’s? Are there any complaints? And more. By participating in such a simple survey at Mcdvoice & you can win exciting offers given by McDonald’s

Brief Information about Mcdvoice Survey is the link to participate in the Mcdvoice survey that was conducted by McDonald’s. The main purpose of the Mcdvoice survey is to take the true opinion of people who are visiting McDonald’s frequently. Quality of food, customer service, cost, what customers are expecting from McDonald’s,  Hygiene.

A Few Lines About McDonald’s

Did you ever come across the success story of McDonald’s? How it became one of the competitive restaurants worldwide? Let me explain to you. This initially introduced in the year 1940. Maurice McDonald and Richard were the founders who worked hard and achieved great success by introducing this McDonald’s respectively. By the year 1953, they had come up with the well-known Golden Arche Logo. And Later day by day if you observe, the growth of the company rapidly increased.


Customers started feeling craze about the dishes offered by McDonald’s. And seeing this finally they thought why not we conduct a survey? This might help us to learn the customer’s opinions/ thoughts encountered on the service and dishes we provide in daily routines. This thought or idea has turned up introducing the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program successfully. The main motive behind the online survey portal introduction is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Quick Analysis on McDonald’s

Name of the Restaurant McDonald’s
Introduced in the year 1940
Founders of the McDonald’s Richard and Maurice McDonald
Name of the Survey McDVOICE | McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program
official site
Validity 30days
Languages English or Spanish
Rewards The free discount coupon or free meals
Country The United States of America or Canada
Age 15 years or above can participate.
Coupon valid for 7 days
Customer Care Number 1-800-244-6227

Why We Need McDonald’s Survey

Whatever company it is, losing a single customer equals the loss of future expected customers big in number. This is why it is very important to learn the customer’s opinion about their food chains and services provided over one particular outlet. By looking out for the valuable suggestions and complaints specified in the survey, going to help in maintaining standards at the same time reaching a huge amount of customer satisfaction.

Step by Step Process To Take Mcdvoice Survey

In this survey, there will be no complicated, personal, confusing, questions. It will be very easy which can be completed in 5 to 10 mins. To win a discount coupon for your next order at McDonald’s follow these steps and complete the survey at Mcdvoice.

  • Order your food at McDonald’s and collect the receipt where you can find the survey code which is 26 digits.


  • Now go to the official site of McDonald’s at
  • Choose the language in which you feel comfortable either English or Spanish [Espanol].

mcdvoice survey

  • Enter the 26-digit survey code which is there on your receipt.
  • If it is a valid code you can continue with the survey.
  • If it is not a valid code or if you don’t have the code click on the link available at the bottom right corner as shown on your screen.
  • It will redirect to another window where you need to fill in all the details like store number, KS number, date of visit, time of visit, order number, and the amount spent.

  • All these details you can find on the receipt itself taken over the nearest outlet undergoing the post-billing process.
  • After entering all details you are ready to take a survey.

Question 1 at McDvoice Survey

  • The first question asked in the McDvoice survey is “Select the Order type”.
  • And here you are requested to choose one of the options among the three as shown below.

mcdvoice survey mcdonalds

Question 2 at

  • The second question is all about “Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience taken at this McDonalds.


  • You are requested to select one among the options like highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied, highly dissatisfied.

Question 3 at survey official site

  • Question number 3 is all about “Please rate your satisfaction with the following categories”.
  • Check the following image for getting a complete idea regarding this question.

mcdonalds customer satisfaction

Question 4 at McDonald’s Survey

  • Please rate your satisfaction with McDonald’s service.

mcdvoice mcdonalds customer satisfaction

  • Rate the service and then you are requested to tap on next.

Question 5 at survey

  • The question is all about “What items did you order”

  • Select the items available in the form of a list and hit next.

Question 6 at survey receipt

  • Did you experience a problem during the visit?

mcdonalds survey

  • This is the yes or no type of question. Select any one of the options.

Question 7 at

  • The next question is “based on the visit, what is the likelihood that you will”
  • To get a clear idea about the question, look out for the following image.

mcdonalds customer

  • Try to answer all the questions honestly.
  • Next, you need to submit your answers and review them at the next questions.
  • Press the submit button after completing all the questions.
  • Wait till you get a confirmation code.

mcdvoice survey program

  • This is what can be used as a free meal coupon or as a discount coupon.
  • Remember, the coupon generated on the screen is going to be valid for 7 days.
  • Note down the code somewhere on the piece of paper which is handy or directly note it down over the current receipt.
  • On the next visit, carried over the receipt to the outlet and redeem it for winning a free discount coupon or free yummy meals successfully.

Full Guided Video to Complete Mcdvoice Survey

Rules And Regulations To Participate In Survey

Like all other survey sites, Mcdvoice is also having a few rules and regulations. Follow the steps given below to understand these rules easily.

  1. To participate in this survey you need to be a citizen of the USA or  Columbia district
  2. Only 15 years or above-aged persons can participate in this survey
  3. Employees and the relatives of McDonald’s staff members have no chance to take part in the survey.
  4. Mcdvoice  survey can be taken only 5 times in a month with different survey codes
  5. The survey code on the receipt should not exceed 7 days after your purchase
  6. After completing the survey discount coupon is valid only for 7 days
  7. Mcdvoice survey can be taken on pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone.
  8. One must and should know any of the languages either English or Spanish.

Rewards After Completing Mcdvoice Survey

Without disappointing customers and satisfying customers, McDonald’s is offering a discount coupon or a meal pass after completing the Mcdvoice survey. This coupon is valid for the next 7 days of completing a survey that can be used on your next visit to McDonald’s. McDonald’s will change these rewards every month.

McDonald’s Customer Support

If in case, you feel trouble while participating in the survey? Do not get stressed. Below, we have come with McDonald’s contact details. Try to contact through any of the possibilities and get rid of the issue in a less amount of time.

  • Official site address:
  • Email:
  • McDonald’s Contact Number: 1-800-244-6227.
  • McDonald Pinellas Park: +1 727-576-6772.
  • McDonald Avon: +1 317-272-6926
  • McDonald Waveland: +1 228-467-1294

McDonald’s Head Quarters [Address]:

McDonald’s Corporation,
2111 McDonald’s Dr,
Oak Brook,
IL 60523,
The United States of America.

McDonald’s Near Me: How to Find the closest Outlet Towards Our Current Location

Well, very simple!! The official site, however, comes with an outlet locator. By taking the help of this, you can identify or locate the nearest one. This mainly helps while you are traveling to a different place or recently shifted to a new place. So, are you ready to go through the points? If your answer is yes, follow the below steps.

  • Open any of the web browsers and visit the official site.
  • Tap on the option so-called locates available at the right-upper of the page.
  • Now place the zip code or city name at present where you are standing out.
  • Also, you can identify the locate me the option. This is what helps you to detect your current location automatically.
  • Once the location gets detected successfully, it provides the nearest outlets.
  • Use the map available on the same page for enhancing better navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you get after participating in the McDonald's Survey?
An offer saying “buy one and get one free available in the menu”. Except for the items like a free meal, happy meal, 10 chicken tinder, and nugget. Also, remember one can take only 5 surveys in a month. And the age of the customer who likely to participate must and should be aged around 15 years or above respectively.
How does McDonald's Survey Work?
The very first, it analyses the feedback taken on the categories like cleanliness, quality of food, prices, staff’s behavior, and then service given by the nearest McDonald’s outlets. Based on the customer’s feedback, it takes the decision to enhance improvements if any.
How many digits present in the McDonald's survey code?
26-digit survey code. And this can be identifiable in the receipt itself taken after making a purchase.
How do Customers Get McDonald's Coupon?
There are three possibilities that help you to earn the McDonald’s coupon.

  • McDonald’s application
  • through Email
  • And Google search
How the Lucky Person is Announced or Selected?
All the reviews are carried forward into a lucky draw. Some stranger or company executives were asked to pick one among them. That’s all!!
Can I have a chance to claim rewards without specifying validation code?
No!! The validation code is very important to claim your rewards.
What If I provide wrong details in the survey?
If in case, the details provided by you were wrong, you will fail to win the prize even though you are the one and only winner.
Who verifies the reviews carried down through McDonald's survey?
By all the employees who are working at the main block. They undergo and learn or understand the things what exactly they need to improve.


McDonald’s is one of the top restaurants in the food industry which maintains its standards and always moves forward with new strategic steps to give the best to customers. In order to give your support to McDonald’s participate in the Mcdvoice survey and give your valuable suggestions. we hope we have given the information on your search. For any queries leave a comment in the comment box. For more updates keep in contact with our site mcdvoice.

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